November Hurricane

Those of us living on the gulf coast are to be given a rare "treat" Tuesday. After wreaking havoc in El Salvador (and causing 42 deaths), Hurricane Ida [article link] is expected to enter the central Gulf of Mexico. Right now, landfall is expected to be between Mobile, AL and Panama City, FL. With the possibility it could reach Cat II strength, now is the time for everyone on the gulf to gas up, load up groceries as well. This is the sort of thing we are expected to in July-September. It has been an extremely quiet tropical storm season in the gulf. It was too quiet. Something like Hurricane Ida had to happen. But, November hurricanes are extremely rare. Only four hurricanes have hit the USA in November since 1900 and these were all were category 1 storms that hit Florida.

While Hurricane Ida is not expected to be Cat II in strength when it hits the gulf coast, it still is a storm that deserves respect. People around this area seem lackadaisical about this imminent threat. But, I suppose with holidays on the horizon, it is tough to get concerned about hurricanes. I just hope this storm isn't a hurricane when it makes landfall. Even a Cat I hurricane is deadly. The one thing you can expect from hurricanes is the unexpected. Hurricane Ida could suddenly gain strength for reasons scientists would not be able to explain. Living on the gulf coast most of my life, I've seen it happen before.

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