New Blog With Short Stories Coming Soon

I promised myself I wasn't going to start a new blog until I got my blog-novel (Diary: Alone on Earth) published. I originally intended to go the self-publishing route. However, after investigating this some more, I decided I would go for broke. Either I get a traditional publisher to publish my story or, unfortunately, it just won't ever get published. But, I am far from giving up on that quest. I do have a couple of "feelers" at the moment concerning my story. Hopefully, something will turn up.

One thing I am always being asked by either literary agents or publishers is more examples of my work. Since Diary is my only real work, I decided to start writing again while continuing the fight to get my story published. The new blogs' name will be "David's Short Stories." If you have followed me here on this blog and on Diary, you will know that a "short story" will be a challenge for me. This time it will not focus on the supernatural. It will be mostly fictional stories again. But, there will be some stories that are true. I know they are true because they happened to me. But, for the most part, "David's Short Stories" will be fictional stories that are heart warming (at least to me), funny, ironic and, perhaps, stories of revenge. I'll make note here and on Diary: Alone on Earth that the blog is ready. Right now, I am considering doing it on WordPress since there already is a "David's Short Stories" on Blogger. Again, I'll let everyone know when it is ready.


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