Love Notes from an Angel

Five year old Elena Desserich [article link] was diagnosed with brain cancer. She lived each remaining day she had on this earth rejoicing in life by learning to drive at age 5, swim with dolphins and a multitude of other things. As her cancer progressed, it inhibited her to the point she could no longer speak. So, she started drawing and painting. In fact, one of her paintings were hung in the Cincinnati Art Museum entitled, "I Love You."

Elena died from her disease in August of 2007 at 6 years of age. What her parents found in the following weeks and months was heartbreaking. Elena left love notes to her parents throughout the house. A CD is pulled out of a case and a love note from Elena falls out. A book is opened and yet another love note from this beautiful child falls out. The parents have now compiled the notes into a book called "Notes Left Behind." The profits from the book will be donated to pediatric brain cancer research to find a cure.


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