Hillary's Moment of Truth

Hillary Clinton is one person you would never accuse of being similar to George Washington's "I can't tell a lie" episode. Hillary has never met a flat out lie she didn't like. For example, her "under sniper fire in Bosnia" comment [article link] drew derision from the news media (who were still fawning over Barack). As it turns out, there was a video of her stepping off the plane with smiles, standing around as if it were another social gathering in her capacity as First Lady. There were other episodes of when Hillary "misspoke" such as garnering a $100,000 profit off of a $1,000 investment in cattle futures. No one believed that and I doubt anyone today believes that outrageous fabrication.

It was with amazement that I found Hillary actually speaking the truth as to the current political climate in Washington D.C. While in Pakistan, on a mission to shore up support in rooting out Al Qaeda, Hillary engaged Pakistanis concerning their tax base and GDP. Hillary commented "...percentage of taxes on GDP (in Pakistan) is among the lowest in the world." I found it surprising she would even bother to comment on a sovereign nation's tax base. What she said next was astounding and a moment that won't soon pass. Hillary then said, "...We (the United States) tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, and that’s not what we see in Pakistan,” That was shocking since the Obama Administration is coming under increasing criticism of taxes and spending. Could this be a shot across the bow, to the Obama Nation, Hillary is becoming increasingly restless in her limited role as Secretary of State? Could be. I've said before, if President Obama's approval numbers continue to drop, possibly below 35%, Hillary might resign as Secretary of State. There is no doubt she is not happy. And, if you think someone like Hillary Clinton has given up on seeking the Presidency, I have some swamp land I want to sell you.


The same could be said of former VP Dick Cheney. Would you please expound on the 50 times he stated “I can’t remember” in the FBI’s report on ousted CIA undercover operative Valerie Plame, and the smear campaign on her husband, Joseph Wilson. This man allowed his “friend” ‘Scooter’ Libby to take the fall.

Are you willing to be Dick Cheney’s friend?

You risk getting shot in the face, and/or convicted of lying to the CIA.

My favorite is the Sadam Hussein was behind 9/11.

This is where Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” is appropriate.

Can’t have a government with out tax. Accept reality. It’s good for the soul.

Hillary Clinton commented on Americans paying taxes, said something about being under fire in Bosnia (over a freaking year ago)? Whoop-ity-do!

Who did she hurt? Who has Dick Cheney hurt? Rest assured, his list is longer, includes physical harm and jail time.


Juli...you really need to chill out.

I made this more tongue in cheek with Hillary Clinton's notoriety to lying. She made a truthful moment and I made note of it. I tend to actually agree with her assessment that the U.S. federal government taxes everything that moves and doesn't move. A rare honest moment from her.

As for Dick Cheney...is he still Vice-President? I won't apologize for him, just as you will not for the scandals of Clinton. Dick Cheney's friend??? What the...?

Shot in the face? Sadam behind 9/11? What are you talking about?

Um...actually, you can have a government without taxes. We had one before the Civil War when the government was financed through tariffs on imported goods. They incorporated it again in WWI and again in WWII. They liked it so much after Hitler was defeated, they decided to keep it.

Just pointing out the last administration has its guilty parties, Mr Darth Vadar of American politics, himself, that fare much worse than Hillary.

We can always compare Hillary to the dear sweet Condi Rice. Up for that? :-)

Have you forgotten Dick shot poor ole 78yr old Harry Whittington in the face in 2006 on a duck hunting trip?

Time and time again, Dick blamed Sadam for 9/11. That should not be news.

As for being Dick's friend, you do understand rhetoric, yes? (you're not the only one that gets to use tonge and cheek!) ha!

As for chilling out, you may be right. However, please remember, what you measure out, gets measured back to you. AND...I had a couple of beers this evening. Cheers! :0)

Why should other people in other countries finance our government? (i.e. tariffs on imports)


Oh Lord, Juli...are you still going to talk about WMD not being found? So, Cheney was wrong? Obama was wrong when he said the stimulus was needed to stop unemployment at 8%. It has rose to 9.8%. Does that make him a liar too?

I wish I had a couple of beers.

Just pointing out you don't necessarily need a federal income tax to run a government. We did ok and with no deficit prior to the Civil War.

That's a good dodge, but you still didn't answer the question.

And, is it possible that solutions that worked 144 yrs ago, wouldn't work today?

You wouldn't want your bank to be using 18th century technology to keep track of your funds?

Considering what those bastards on Wall Str are up to, and the stimulas and TARP funds started with the last administration, I would say it all helped stave off an economic cataclasm.

However, it's one of those issues that can't be proved either way, and will forever be debated by each side, each claiming victory and failure to suit their point of view.

I've exhausted my regular unemployment. Thank God (in the literal respectful manner) that there's the stimulas. When I first got laid-off, I repeatedly reflected how grateful I was that a democrat was in the white house (republican tax cuts wouldn't have done squat for me and others like me). The stimulas allows extended benefits, and I know several people that are in the same boat.

Obama may not be the 'saviour' he's been made out to be. But one thing is for sure, he's not a warmongerer or a fearmongerer, making decisions that send our precious soldiers into warzones and spending billions on "investments" that will never materialize (a democratic Iraq).

p.s. You should crack open a beer once in awhile!!


Maybe I didn't realize you wanted an answer? Or didn't know what you were talking about?

Tariffs wouldn't work today because Democrats have ingrained the federal tax code so intrinsically into our economy, that tariffs alone would not fund defense spending, entitlement programs, pork barrel, etc., ad nausem. But, my point to you, and one you keep evading, is that tariffs actually worked at one time. Back in those days, people got to keep money that they earned by their blood sweat and tears. But, that wasn't enough for the FDR Democrats, they wanted those tax dollars for their own special agenda.

Those bastards are what drives this economy, like it or not. The Anointed One realizes this also. Why spend so much TARP money on Wall. St. if he didn't agree? And, speaking of that stimulus money, where are all those jobs we were promised, Juli? Have you seen any as a direct result of federal tax dollars? I hope you get a job from that hard earned money courtesy of the American Taxpayer. But, Juli, spending money to create jobs is not the answer. It never has been, it never will be. I know Democrats hate to hear this, but a free market economy, free from the shankles of an overbearing federal government, is what drives the need for jobs.

As for Obama the warmonger; Afghanistan has gotten progressively worse. Since his announcement he is going to make a decision on sending McChrystal the 40K additional troops needed, over 400 troops have died. He is indecisive and a poor Commander in Chief.

Wow! Sharpening up the knife are you?

The tax code has been put together by both democrats and republicans. One cannot unilaterally blame one party or the other and be correct.

Bush created the "No child left behind" program...one of the largest expansions of federal government. His administration also blew the budget surplus, took us to an unnecessary war and drove up the deficit.

Gov. regulation is necessary. Free market (absolute) is not a holy grail, divine from God above. People are corrupt. Those bastards on Wall Str. are bastards because they are corrupt and suck up our tax dollars, not because they line their own pockets with hard-earned money. If they did that...we wouldn't be talking about them.

The economic downturn happened because banks and investment houses were allowed to merge (deregulation). This allowed banks to sell mortgages as securities, and then the investment-bank over leveraged itself, & had bad mortgages on its books.

The Glass-Steagall act of 1933 was repealed in 1999. That's why the above happened.

That's why we need gov. regulation.

It has nothing to do with partisan politics. It does not matter if you are republican or democrat.

Every American wants clean water, safe roads, and a secure banking system.

Calling Obama a warmonger after what Bush and Cheney wrought on this country, and the world at large, is laughable.

One of his first acts as president was to give an interview in Egypt explaining he was taking America in a different direction. (More about true conversion and diplomacy than war chants or pick a side "you are either with us or against us".) Some countries are in the middle, that is just how it is, and that is ok.

David, Afghanistan will not be won by more guns and bombs (i.e. simply a deployment of more soldiers is not the end all answer). The situation is more complicated than that. I beg and plead with you to do some homework, and realize that it is a complicated state of affairs.

Do you watch GPS (Fareed Zakaria's show on CNN Sundays)?


Currently, on the front page of GPS website is the interview with Matthew Hoh, an American who resigned from his post in Afghanistan in protest.

Please watch it. Of course, you may not agree with his point of view, or solution. It can however be educational, and provide a much better picture than the 2-3 minute sound bites we get in the evening news.

I have a headache...I am going to get a beer now :0)



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