Cell Phone=Life

Last night, I went to my niece's home to socialize and welcome her back to her hometown. When I got up to leave, I checked for my keys. I found my car keys. But, I did not feel my cell phone in the pocket of my jacket. Panic stricken, I traced my steps back to my car. Could not find it. Had my niece call my cell and total silence. I could just feel the blood draining from my face.

I got home with the off chance that the cell phone fell out of my jacket in my bedroom. Could not find it at home or in my car. Distraught, I got online at the Sprint site and had total restrictions placed on my phone. In other words, no one could use it if they found it. Thinking I would be putting out another $89-100 for a new phone, I decided to go to bed and try to sleep. As I lay in bed, running over and over in my head the steps I made to my niece's house, I got a knock on the door. Upset already, I couldn't figure out who would be knocking on my door this time of night. It was my lovely little niece...and, yes, she had my cell. It had fallen out of my jacket and between the seat cushions. Don't ask me why I didn't check that first. I'm just thankful, very thankful to have my cell phone today.


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