Swine Flu Scare

Ever since WHO declared the Swine flu as pandemic, I've had my doubts about the severity of this whole thing. It seemed to have started in Mexico City. And, we heard all the dire predictions. Later it was determined that not all the 150+ deaths, that were originally counted as Swine Flu deaths, may have been Swine Flu at all. That doesn't surprise me. What surprised me is that the President of the United States kept talking about plans in place of what the federal government would do, forecast of 900,000 deaths. It all seemed a bit like the hysteria surrounding "Global Warming."

Yesterday the announcement was made that the cases of Swine Flu were "overestimated" [article link]. In fact, what people may have is just seasonal flu. Even more puzzling, according to this report, you may not have the flu at all. It finally dawned on someone that you can't really tell if someone has the Swine Flu WITHOUT comprehensive lab testing at the CDC. There is no way the CDC is going to test every case doctors all over America would send in order to determine this. No one is really sure now just how many cases of Swine Flu have occurred in the USA. Sure, we have had a number. But, strangely, they are not spreading nationwide as once feared. Why? No one seems to know. I was already leaning against taking the Swine Flu shot. Now, I know I'm not taking it.


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