Swine Flu: A National Emergency

It appears that I blogged too soon in regard to the Swine Flu. Last week, I blogged about an article that stated the Swine Flu had been overestimated insofar as having a deadly effect on the U.S. But, with Friday's surprise announcement from President Obama that he was declaring a national emergency [article link], it appears I now must backtrack off that article. The article linked above states over 1000 people have died from the Swine Flu. That is a terrible number even if it were just 1. The national emergency is intended to be a proactive move to give hospitals the ability to better combat this pandemic. This national emergency announcement also states the hospital will require less information from patients before treating them. I know that sounds just great on the surface. I'll just leave it at that for now.

The federal government had hoped to have as many as 120 million doses of the Swine Flu vaccine available by mid-October. That goal apparently is not going to be met. The hope now is that 50 million doses by mid-November and 150 million by mid-December. I simply don't see any way they have triple the number of doses in one month. We'll see soon enough if the government can meet this really unrealistic goal of 150 million doses by Christmas.


I have collected some facts about the vaccine.
If you want you can use google translate to be able to understand some of the content in my blog.
The filmclips the latest days about the vaccine are already in english.
I also have a link today if you click "läs mer" at the bottom of the text.
You will come to the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, where they show a filmclip about a girl who took a shot against flu, and only can walk backwards today.... - Check it out !
Some scary news about the vaccine...

Karin, that is horrible about the little girl. I have heard some stories of people dying from the swine flu vaccine. But, I have no way of verifying them. Thanks for your comment.

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