Rush Limbaugh: No Go on S.L. Rams Deal

I've listened to Rush Limbaugh, off and on, for the past 10 years or longer. I agree with him most of the time, disagree some of the time. But, I respect his right to his opinion, his contitutional right, I might add. The times I have disagreed is when he got himself into hot water. He made a comment about Philadelphia Eagles QB, Donovan McNabb that cost him his job as commentator on Monday Night Football. Limbaugh said, "I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well." Ok, Limbaugh should have known that as a conservative, the media would immediately attack him for making a racially insensitive statement. Whether you agree with that statement or not is irrelevant in my opinion. There are some things better left unsaid, especially on a nation-wide broadcast. I think McNabb is an average QB at best in the NFL. But, the way Limbaugh said it, made it appear racially charged. He was asking for that one.

But, one could also say it was purely political that liberal groups across the nation got into a frenzy when it was known Rush Limbaugh was part of a group to purchase the NFL franchise in St. Louis. This was purely because of his politics and nothing else. Yesterday Limbaugh was dropped [article link] from the group bidding on the St. Louis Rams. Now, one could make a case that Limbaugh has no one but himself to blame for being dropped due to some statements he has made over the years that got him into hot water. He fully realized the double standard that a conservative commentator must endure in the news media. He did know the firestorm that would erupt once it was known he was part of the group bidding on the Rams. My question about this entire episode; should a person's political beliefs be part of the criteria in judging whether or not they are suitable for purchasing a sport franchise? Rush Limbaugh is not a member of any neo-nazi group of which I am familiar. He is not part of any terrorist group. So, let's leave the extremism out of the argument. This was not justified in my opinion. It was all about the power of the double standard that exist in the news media today.


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