Obama vs Fox News

I'm not sure I have ever witnessed anything like it since Nixon and the Washington Post during the Watergate Scandal. A sitting U.S. President actively engaged in a war of words with a major network news organization. At least, in the case of Nixon, it was a single newspaper. But, with President Obama, he and his henchmen have decided to take on a 24 hour a day network news organization that is a constant and ferocious critic of him and his administration. Just yesterday, President Obama suggested [article link] that Fox News was little more than "talk radio." This basically was in line with White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod stating "...Fox News is not really a news organization." Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and White House Communications Director Anita "Chairman Mao" Dunn all made similar statements.

Now, before any leftists nod in agreement with the above administration officials, what would have been your reaction if former President Bush had made similar statements about MSNBC? Be honest. What would have been your gut reaction to President Bush? Please remember, this is the President who stated time and time again about bipartisan cooperation. But, cooperation to this president means..."get in line with the rest of the lemmings." President Obama does not like dissent, he does not take criticism well at all. This has all filtered down to his subordinates as well. Even if you completely disagree with me, doesn't it seem the President of the United States would have better things to do than engage in a war of words with Fox News? If you are honest, you will say, "Yes." Obama does have better things to do. Yet, he takes time out of the day to take a swipe at a news organization exercising its constitutionally guaranteed rights...well, for right now anyway. I'll take it a step further; it is embarrassing to see the President of the United States engaging in petty gamesmanship. It is ridiculous and immature.


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