A Great-Niece Comes Into the World

Wednesday, September 30, 2009, my second Great-Niece came into the world weighing in at just over 8lbs. She was about a pound heavier than her 3-year old big sister was as a newborn. It's amazing to me that a new life, full of innocence and completely void of the effects of the world, can come forth so suddenly. Well, maybe not suddenly in the sense it was not expected. But, one moment there is a family of 3 and in the next, a family of 4. I guess that is what I mean by "suddenly." This photo is not her, BTW. It is from Google images.

Mother and daughter are doing quite well. Of course, my great-niece is the second most beautiful baby in the world. Her older sister would argue for #1. I guess it also demonstrates that one is getting old when you start talking about great-niece, great-nephew, etc. It's a joy to be around to see this new life and watch it develop over the years. The fears, joys and heartaches that this new baby will experience are distant right now. For now, just for now, it is a joy to see a life as innocent as my great-niece.


How nice... I think she will be spoiled in her future:-)

Wow...she is so cute. the shots were really pretty and your blog looks perfect.

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