Flu Shots

I'm scheduled to have my seasonal flu shots next Tuesday. My primary care physician's office called me yesterday to see if I would like to come in next week. They have never called me about getting my seasonal flu shots before. I was startled about that. What startled me even more was when the receptionist asked if I would also like to get my "H1N1 flu shot (commonly referred to as the Swine flu). I had not given it much thought, to be honest. I told her I wasn't sure about whether I wanted it or not.

The receptionist encouraged me to get the Swine flu shot. I told her I would make up my mind when I walked into the doctor's office next Tuesday. I just wanted to think about it. Now, I've heard the stories how some people got the swine flu shot, got deathly sick and died. But, I have seen not one story in print that someone actually died from the Swine flu shot. I think it is just hyperbole because of the fear Swine flu is becoming pandemic. The only noticeable side effects are injection site pain. I've experienced that from just seasonal flu shots before. So, I think the fear is really misplaced. I still don't know if I'm going to get the shot. But, if I don't, it is not because I think it will kill me.


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