The "Duh" Moment

I've mentioned my '06 Honda Civic on this blog before. I've talked about how much satisfaction it gives me as I drive by gas stations. I've had minor problems with it since I bought it back in 'March of 2006 when gas prices started rising over $2.00/gallon. I traded in my '04 Jeep Liberty (reluctantly...very nice riding vehicle) that was getting about 16 MPG on the hwy. That wasn't going to cut it with me. So, I traded it in for the Civic.

As I was driving to the drugstore, this past Sunday, I noticed I was closing in on 40K miles. So, I thought I had better made an appointment for scheduled service. No big deal. But, I started thinking I have had this car for almost 4 years and am just now getting to the 40K mark. That is just slightly over 10K a year. I do most of my driving in and around the city in which I reside. I do make some trips up to Birmingham, which is about 250 miles from where I live. But, most people probably put 40K on their new car in less than 3 years. In fact, my last checkup at 35K, the service people ask me if I ever drive this thing over 50 miles in a week! I didn't know what to say. I drive normally in my opinion. I couldn't figure out why I didn't have more miles than I do. I'm still thinking about this, wondering if there was something wrong with my odometer, when I drive home and I see the answer to my question. Ever had one of those "duhhhh moments?" I had one...just as soon as I saw my trusty '95 Nissan truck. THAT is where those missing 2-5K miles a year were going. Of course, most people would have figured that out right away. And, normally, I would have also. But, for some reason, the logic escaped me. And, yes, maybe I should not have posted this. I just wanted it known that everyone is capable of having a "duh moment" at any time.

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