Democrats Appoint Dead Man

Having lived in Alabama most of my life, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Alabama politics. From fights (literally) on the Senate Floor to accusations of racism is the norm in politics in this state. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, it makes no difference when it comes to outrageous political acts. In fact, in order to maintain a filibuster in the State Senate, a former Lt. Governor kept a "pee bucket" under the podium until a female representative noticed him relieving himself. That is but one reason he is the "former" Lt. Governor.

But, the news yesterday of the Alabama Democratic Party appointing [article link] Reynolds Smith Jr to a Democratic Executive Committee in Mobile, AL brought more news that it should have. The problem is that Reynolds died almost a year ago. Party officials were a bit shocked and, a bit embarrassed, when it became public knowledge the Alabama Democratic Party was attempting to practice "Lazarus politics." The party quickly corrected the mistake when a local Mobile Democratic activist let them know this isn't Chicago where dead people still vote. The mistake was apparently due to an outdated voting record.


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