Death of a Barber

It was with sad news I learned that the man who had cut my hair for the past 22 years passed away last Saturday. Tom was so much like "Floyd the Barber" in the Andy Griffith Show until he had many customers call him "Floyd." I was not one of them because I could tell he didn't like that. But, it was hard not to think of Tom as Floyd of Andy Griffith fame. Tom was about the same size, dark hair and mustache and was absent minded at times as Floyd was on the show. Tom was a good barber. He preferred to be called barber and not hair stylist. Tom was definitely old school. His price varied little over the years. He always apologized whenever he had to increase the price. He told me once that it was something he didn't like to do, especially with old, loyal customers like myself. But, as I told Tom before, you have to survive and the economy dictates what you have to do.

Tom always arrived home about 1:15 to 1:20PM on Saturdays since he only worked half a day. When he had not arrived by 1:30PM, his wife called and did not get an answer. Tom was sitting in his barber chair (ironically enough) and slumped over to one side. He had suffered a massive heart attack and apparently fell back into his beloved barber chair. I'll miss him. Tom was a great guy, just as Floyd was on the Andy Griffith Show.


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