Another Restaurant Story

I've posted on this in the past concerning my restaurant horror stories. You'd think I never ate at home if you follow this blog any length of time. But, what happened yesterday is something I'm sure everyone has experienced at a restaurant at one time or another. You know the scene...parents paying no attention to their children as they completely make your restaurant experience miserable. I don't blame the kids. They don't know any better. But, the parents, well, that is another story. Why they can't make their kids sit at the table and be just mildly quiet is beyond me. Enough preaching, on to the story.

I went to a local family restaurant yesterday afternoon with an old friend I had not seen in a few months. We had just been seated when I realized we were going to be in for a long hour or so. A family of six was seated just two tables to our right. Between the Adams Family and our table was an elderly couple who were obviously miserable. One child had thrown a biscuit which landed on the table of this couple. I encouraged the gentleman to ask for the manager to do something about this situation. But, he said all he wanted to do now was get his bill and leave. The family continued to make such a ruckus that everyone in our section was now looking at the family. The parents seemed oblivious as to the commotion their children were creating. When one of the children threw a eating knife up in the air, I'd had enough. I asked my waitress if the manager could come out and do something with this family. She came closer so as not to be overheard and told me the manager had already told them to leave. But, they refused to leave until they had finished eating. About this time, the manager and two policemen came to the table. The police asked both parents to get up and leave immediately since the manager had requested them to do so. The parents and screaming kids all left with the police out the door. Everyone in the restaurant started clapping.

I've experienced this sort of thing before in restaurants. But, I don't recall someone refusing to leave after being told to leave by the manager. Again, I don't blame the kids. They simply don't know any better. But, those parents...they need someone to reinforce the idea of simple manners upon them. Hopefully, the police did just that.


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