Stupid Criminals

In Bethlehem, PA, police were able to quickly ID the bank robber [article link] at a branch of the KNBT branch on Wednesday morning. 51-year-old Lloyd Virgil Barclay was identified as the robber after he LEFT his wallet at the tellers window! Inside the wallet were Barclay's SS card, and two photo IDs. Police say he laid the wallet there at the window when he took a note from it to hand to the teller with his demands. He still remains at large, however. I suspect he is ramming his head against a wall right now.

It reminds me of a bank robbery at a local bank about six years ago. Two would be bank robbers barreled into the bank with weapons and demanded money. The tellers did as they had always been instructed; they emptied their money drawers and, oh by the way, dropped in exploding dye. As the robbers walked outside, the purple dye prematurely exploded in their faces. Outraged, they tried to get back inside the bank. But, the manager had already locked all doors immediately after they left. So, with purple faces and, perhaps a tinge of red mixed in due to embarrassment, they got in their beat up, old getaway car. Unfortunately, the car would not start. They both lifted up the hood hurriedly in a desperate attempt to start the car. As one was working on it and the other was in the car trying to get it to turn over, about a dozen police cars showed up and arrested both. The case of the "Purple Face Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" was immediately solved.

Crime just doesn't pay.


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