Strange But True News Stories

In Sarasota, FL, scientists at the Mote Marine Laboratory [article link] are urging Florida boaters to be on the lookout for a robot. Yes, a robot that is used to detect red tide which is deadly to marine life. The underwater robot has been missing since August 31st. Total value for the robot is about $130,000.

In what has to fit in the "If I didn't have bad luck, I would not have any luck at all" category, Johnstown, PA police arrived at the home of Jon Beltz Jr. [article link] home to arrest him. He had been charged with stealing nearly $3000 from a woman's bank account, and selling more than $12,000 of jewelry and computer equipment. When the police arrived, they noticed a freshly dug hole. They also noticed the marijuana plant he was holding in his hand. He got charged with possession.

Finally, in Ft. Pierce, FL, a woman [article link] was thirsty and needed some change for a soft drink machine. Sophia Paulinyce noticed some change in an unlocked car. So, she decided to grab some change and head to the soft drink vending machine. What's wrong with this story is that Sophia took the change from a police employee's car that was parked in a secure parking lot of the police station. She was charged with Felony Burglary. Amount stolen was the grand sum of $7.


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