So, I'm Coming Out of Cracker Barrel Yesterday...

...and as I was walking to my car, I noticed the car next to my driver-side door had a flat tire. In fact, he had two flats on his car. So, that made me decide to check my car out completely. While I was checking my car, I noticed the car parked next to my passenger-side door had a rear flat tire as well. I had no flats. I started checking around my car and found five other cars with flats. In total, there were 14 cars with flats, some of them had two flats. Obviously, someone with nothing better to do, at 9AM, went around punching holes in car tires with a sharp pick of some type. I went inside the Cracker Barrel restaurant and reported it.

The manager called the police. I stayed, gave my statement and was just giving my information to the police officer when another police officer came up to us. He said, "They have the guy on camera. This was a disgruntled former employee who was fired just two weeks ago for constantly missing work." It seems there is a security camera which records all activity in the restaurant parking lot. So, how does this guy not know that? Or maybe he knew it, and didn't give a damn. Either way, he's in big trouble once he is caught. They have his ID and where he lives. They are just waiting on him to show back up at his home. He'll have a new home at the county jail soon enough.


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