LeGarrette Blount Punch

I'm sure most, if not all, reading this blog are aware of the incident immediately after the Oregon-Boise St. football game [article link] ended last Thursday. It seems that during the week, LeGarrette Blount's mouth made some predictions his play couldn't cash during the football game. He had made predictions that Boise St. would not win and some not so nice remarks about the Boise St. team. That is just fine as long as you back up what you say. Boise St. was waiting for him when he entered the blue turf of Boise St. Stadium.

To make a long story short, Oregon got beat again to the tune of 19-8 and the game wasn't really even that close. But, that wasn't the real story. The real story was Boise St. player Byron Hout taunting Blount after the game. Boise St. Coach Peterson tried to intervene, albeit too late. In what has been referred to as the "punch heard around the world," LeGarrette Blount gave a great right jab to Hout's jaw. It was basically a sucker punch since Hout has already turned around. Blount also punched one of his own teammates!!! That wasn't the end of it. Blount had to be forcibly removed from the stadium by police and security personnel. I thought I had seen everything during a football game. But, this took the cake for me. I've never seen a spectacle like that on nationwide TV.

It was thuggish behavior on the part of LeGarrette Blount who may have seen a promising NFL career go down the drain. He is now banned from any further play this season. This effectively ends his college career since he is a senior. The NFL is becoming more and more concerned about bad behavior by its athletes. Will an NFL team take a chance on LeGarrette Blount now? I doubt he will be drafted. But, it is possible he will be signed as a free agent. He had 2nd or 3rd round potential before that ridiculous behavior on TV. Now, he will practice with the Oregon team and watch his teammates play on Saturdays as he contemplates his rather dubious future.


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