Kim Phuc - The Iconic Photo

I'm sure everyone has seen the picture from the Vietnam War of the 9 year old girl running with burns from napalm. You know the one...the one that made you grimmace when you saw it. I thought about placing that photo here. But, I decided against it. If you don't know what picture I'm talking about, click HERE. The first time I saw it, my stomach turned. I was already having second thoughts about our involvement in that war [in which I also served] when that photo came out. But, that one picture, of that 9 year old girl with her clothes burned off her body, was enough for me to change my opinion.

I often wondered what happened to that little girl, did she survive, did she grow up. I got my answer yesterday by reading an article [article link] on Yahoo news. It appears she underwent many skin graft operations, had 65 percent of her body burned and had 17 operations. I found out yesterday her name is Kim Phuc. She is now 46 years of age and has children of her own. According to the article I have linked, Kim Phuc is a "...public speaker, peace activist, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, child welfare advocate, married mother of two, and inspiration to burn injury survivors worldwide. She has my admiration and respect for overcoming such great obstacles in her life. Kim Phuc has made a difference in the world after overcoming such a great tragedy known as the Vietnam War.


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