Joe Wilson

As I'm sure most, if not all, know by now, South Carolina U.S. Rep Joe Wilson made an outburst [article link] of "You lie!" during President Obama's healthcare address on TV last Wednesday. The repercussions for Rep. Wilson were fast and furious. He quickly apologized for the outburst to the White House. However, he stated he would not back down on his belief that the healthcare government option would allow illegal aliens to receive healthcare benefits, paid by every taxpayer in the country. AZ Republican Senator John McCain condemned him, as well as the vast majority of Democrats. I was stunned by the outburst myself. I do recall Democrats openly booing former President George W. Bush during a state of the union address in regard to his Iraq War policy. In my opinion, there is a double standard in DC politics. What was deemed appropriate 2 or 3 years ago, is regarded as heresy now.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is demanding Rep. Wilson apologize on the House floor Monday. Rep. Wilson has refused to apologize again. While I condemn his outburst as well, it appears that Joe Wilson was right about the illegal aliens receiving healthcare benefits. I was not aware verification was not in place to establish citizenship in HR 3200. Now, Senate Finance Committee members [article link] are trying to make sure verification is in place in any final healthcare bill. In essence, if Senate Finance members were positive illegals couldn't receive healthcare benefits, they would not be scrambling to make sure it is not possible. It just goes to show no one really knows what the hell is in each respective bill. It makes me think that despite many Democrats saying a healthcare reform bill will voted upon this year, I don't see it happening until everyone know exactly what is in the final bill. That is going to take time to debate. It is going to take time to convince the American people this is needed. Right now, most people are not convinced this healthcare bill is good for them.


Of all the Immigration enforcements laws that really works E-Verify has settled in to removing illegal immigrants from the workplace. But there is a "Sunset Provision" that could determine its future, since it’s specially working for the millions of jobless Americans? Supposedly E-Verification expires on September 30, only days after a Federal judge turned down a desperate delay from the despicable Special interest lobbyists led by the US Chamber of Commerce. On September 8 E-Verify, a contingency of the SAVE ACT was fully implemented mandating that all federal contractors and sub-contractors--MUST--use this computerized identification system.
The American people must understand their is tremendous pressure on anemic members of both political parties to dismantle, store or hinder the E-Verify process as they are the puppets of rich business enterprises.

We must endeavor to continue on raising our voices against the powerful forces that think nothing more than to destroy this valuable commodity called E-Verify. Overtime it will rid from every workplaces of millions of illegal workers, who think they are safe from government intervention. It will save billions of dollars being exported to other lands and sever the tolerant welfare programs, health care, education accessed by illegal low wage earners. E-Verify could introduced in all medical facilities, to check a persons national identity. The expedited message will spread and these lawbreakers will realize that it's fruitless to keep on applying for jobs. Eventually families will start to pack-up and depart for every corner of the earth. But it's up to the American voter to keep relentlessly calling the Washington switchboard 202-224-3121contacting their politicians.

Evaluate each lawmaker at NUMBERSUSA or JUDICIAL WATCH and command them to enforce E-Verify permanently. Not Voluntary for every business, but a mandatory addition for each employer. Fulfill their obligation to build the fence according to Rep. Duncan Hunter R-CA. Keep training the regular police according to the Federal 287 G directive,. Not to Rescind the No Match letter or desist ICE raids or weaken any other enforcement law, such as the 1986 Immigration Control & Reform Act. NOW IT'S UP TO YOU? STARTLING WEBSITE! GOOGLE---IMMIGRATIONCOUNTERS.

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