Hazardous Pay for Teachers

In Tyler, TX, a special needs school teacher was stabbed to death [article link] by a student. Todd Henry was in a classroom assisting three other students when the juvenile attacker stabbed him in the neck and shoulders. No motive has been found as yet for the attack on Mr. Henry. At this time, it was thought to be a random attack by one student. It is not thought to be gang related or racially motivated.

As sad as this story is, it only serves to illustrate the problems teachers face today. My nephew is a school teacher. He has had his life threatened, had bottles thrown at him and seen knives and other weapons students have brought to school. Just last week, locally, a school teacher, who arrived to school early, was robbed at gun point of her purse and car. Two years ago, at this same school a teacher was brutally attacked by a student. This was a gang initiation that the student had to perform as we later found out. It has gotten to the point where some teachers locally are talking about hazardous pay with all the threats being made against them. This may well be an idea that will eventually make it's way to the negotiating table with the teachers union. And, won't that be a sad day in America if that transpires? What happened to the focus on the "Three R's?" Now, the focus is on just making it through the day.


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