Handguns Allowed on Amtrak

In a vote of 68-30, the U.S. Senate voted to allowed passengers to carry handguns on Amtrak yesterday [article link]. This was in response to airline passengers being given that right if the guns are not loaded and secured in a safety box. The current Amtrak policy is not to allow firearms of any description on board. This, apparently, was due to the Madrid bombings of a few years ago. Now, this bill must be reconciled with a House bill that does not include the right to carry a handgun on board Amtrak.

I've got to say this surprised me. It surprised me because I thought everyone already had the right to carry firearms on board Amtrak. I didn't even own any type of firearms until I inherited my grandpa's shotgun last year. I would never even think about carrying a firearm on board. But, two years ago, on board an Amtrak ride to New Orleans, I struck up a conversation with a man who told me he was a firearms dealer going to an auction in Houston. I told him I didn't own a firearm, although I sometimes thought maybe I should. Next thing I know, he is bringing a Smith&Wesson .357 to me and told me this is all I would need for home protection. I was stunned and told him it might be a good idea to take that gun back to where he had secured it. He laughed and took the gun out of the box, holding it up so virtually everyone in the car could see it. I can't remember the last time I was so uncomfortable. Someone did report him because he was made to put the gun back in his secured box. Just a shock to learn yesterday it was not lawful to have a handgun on board Amtrak.


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