Couple of News Items On Obamacare

According to a report from Politico [article link], President Obama appears to be backing away from his insistence there be a public insurance option. This has been the main sticking point among Obamacare opponents in their criticism of healthcare reform. Seeing his approval ratings sink to unparalleled depths for a president this early in his tenure, President Obama has decided to shift to possibly a co-op program to counter private insurers premium rates. When this was first announced as a possibility a few weeks back, the outrage from the liberal wing was swift and expected. Healthcare opponents, largely Republican, were not impressed with co-ops as many thought this was simply another way for the government to get their hands into the healthcare field. President Obama will speak to a joint session of Congress on September 9th.

Also, Politico reported [article link] that Senator Harry Reid, when asked how the death of Senator Ted Kennedy would effect healthcare reform, stated "I think it's going to help us." I can't say that statement by Senator Reid surprises me. He is known for off the cuff remarks, heartless though they may be. Of course, he may be having sleepless nights these days. His Republican opponent for his Senate seat, who just recently announced his intention to run, opened up a 10% lead on the unpopular Nevada Senator. Hopefully, this is one political elitist who can be forced into retirement next year.


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