Stranded in Death Valley

An 11 year old Las Vegas boy died [article link] of apparent dehydration after his mother's Jeep got stuck in sand for five days in Death Valley. The mother said they were going to Death Valley on a "camping trip." She also had a flat tire on the way to the camping trip, put the spare on and continued. Shortly after the flat, she got stuck in sand. She did bring 24 16oz water bottles. They ran out of that quickly. Unfortunately, the mother failed to bring maps.

I have some questions about this tragedy. First and foremost, what the hell was she doing going to Death Valley on a camping trip in the first place? That place is a death trap for even the most seasoned camper. It averages over a 100 degrees F. She was alone with her 11 year old boy. How could she neglect to bring maps? She obviously didn't have a clue where she was stranded. When she had the flat tire, why didn't she turn back then? You don't go into a remote area like that without a spare. Also, why didn't she try to ration her water. I know it's hard not to drink when it's that hot. But, it could possibly have saved her son's life by rationing out the water during the day, no drinking at night.

I just fail to understand people like the mother of this child. Something called common sense has to come into play somewhere. You don't place yourself in an untenable position as she did. The mother did survive as she was airlifted out of there. She is going to face some mighty tough questions over the next couple of weeks as she recovers.

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