President Obama Supporters

Yesterday, I made a post about the President backing down on his public option in his healthcare initiative. I said then I thought that was an important first step and still think so. I am still uneasy on whether this could be just a ruse to still get the federal government involved in taking over healthcare. But, that's not the point of this post today.

I participate on Twitter quite a bit. I also have a Twitter feed that sends all my posts directly to Twitter. It seems that three people on Twitter were not that happy with my post. I don't recall making any undue criticism of the President in that post. I simply pointed out that President Obama had backed down on his government option. But, those Twitter members were enraged by the post regardless. So, to show me their outrage, they "unfollowed" me! All three stated they were "President Obama supporters." Well, I'm happy for them. But, they should be able to take criticism of their fearless leader. Anyone that has followed this blog knows that there weren't many who were more critical of George W. Bush than I was. I felt all along he was a Republican in name only. Bush was under constant attack by those on the left, independents and Republicans as well. If nothing else, Bush showed he had a very thick skin. One can't say that for President Obama or his supporters.

Imagine for just a minute if George W. Bush had set up a special email account to report American citizens who disagreed with his Iraq policy. The firestorm would still be reverberating today. Yet, when President Obama does this, very little is said outside of the Republican Party. Even those stalwarts of the U. S. Constitution, the ACLU, whined only slightly about this invasion of privacy of American citizens. Not one person from the Obama cult said anything about this email account to the White House. Obama took down the email account yesterday. But, one has to ask, WHY did it take him so long to do this? If that offends any of you "President Obama Supporters," then you can "unfollow" me also. I don't give a damn.



Since we are restricted to only 140 characters on twitter, I will respond to you here. First, as you well know, there is no provision of hospitals and doctors being taken over by the beloved federal government. Government takeover of healthcare is taking away decisions of the individual to make choices in their healthcare. No longer will your doctor decide if you need a costly MRI, government appointed "experts" will decide.

Now, I don't know what you mean by fuzzy math. 30-50 million has been the quote by Pelosi, Boxer and the President himself. So, explain what you mean.

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