Obama Backs Down

So, with all the heat generated by the heated Town Hall wars, blue dog Democrats on the verge of revolt and the polls showing the public losing faith in his healthcare initiatives, President Obama backed down [article link] from the government public option. This is good news. There are other issues to overcome in the healthcare bill, but this is an important first step. This is a loss for the President any way you look at it. He is on record in 2003 saying a single payer government option was his preference. But, the heat has become too much for him and his administration.

The talk now is for non-profit co-ops to replace the government public option. I'm not sure how that will cover the Democrat reported 50 million (depending upon what mood the demos are in, that can change) uninsured. I'm sure the utltra left-wing of the Democratic Party is furious. How will socialist Nancy Pelosi respond to this latest news? Mrs. Barbara "call me senator" Boxer will be upset. I look for the Democratic Party to implode over the President backing down from a single payer government option. The biggest winners are going to be the taxpaying citizens of this country.

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