A Few Noteworthy News Items

Of course, the big news of yesterday was the death of Senator Ted Kennedy [article link]. He was to liberals what President Ronald Reagan was to conservatives. Ted Kennedy's life was dedicated to seeking a government funded healthcare bill that is now raging across the nation. It will be interesting to see if his death invigorates the proponents of this issue. My opinion, the OMB report earlier this week of a 9 trillion dollar deficit over the next ten years was the death knell for any type of healthcare bill being passed, especially in its present form.

Americans fleeing London [article link] due to the high tax rate. If you think London is bad, just wait a while and come home to the good old USA. You'll be streaming back across the pond in no time at all. Taxes are going to go up and go up for the middle class despite what President Obama says. There is no way in hell he can pay for his Cap and Trade, healthcare bill without a tax increase.

Finally, a homeless man in Lancaster, Ohio [article link] burst into flames after being tasered by police. Daniel Wood had been sniffing gas from an aerosol can when started running though traffic. When he started resisting arrest, he was tasered and then burst into flames. Police had to drop their weapons in an attempt to put out the flames while the homeless man kicked at them and tried to bite them. That story alone is enough to reinforce something I always knew; no way in hell I could have ever become a cop.


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