Diary: Alone on Earth Update

As many who follow this blog know, I have a blog-novel called Diary: Alone on Earth
. I finished this novel last June. Since that time, I have been looking at various ways of possibly getting this story published. I originally thought of going the self-publishing route. That still may happen. I like the idea of maintaining control and rights to this story. I have checked out about five different self-publishing companies. Each had its positives and negatives. I narrowed it down to two different companies. I was debating on which one to choose when the unexpected happened.

I received an email from someone who said I should submit a query form to a literary agency that is looking for new talent online. Knowing that literary agents deal strictly with the traditional publishing firms (such as Doubleday and Random House), I was hesitant to do so. But, I received encouragement, from the person who sent the email, to at least submit the query form. The query form wanted to know more about me personally, and, of course, about my story. It took about three hours to complete. But, I sent it off and didn't expect to hear back. So, I continued talking to the two self-publishing firms when I received an email from that literary agency that wanted more information from me and wanted to see the rest of my work. I had submitted the prologue and a couple of entries. The query form I filled out stated they would contact you if they felt you had talent and whether or not your story was marketable. So, I consider this a good sign. I'm torn on which way to go now. But, at least, there are professionals out there that think the story may be marketable. I'll keep everyone up to date of what happens.

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An encouraging sign David. Good luck.

The best place to double check up on industry companies is the Writers Handbook 2011 Published By Macmillan.
Best wishes

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