College Grad Sues College

Trina Thompson went to Monroe College with the idea that once she graduated, she would find a great job. That is usually the reason people go to college. However, as with most grads, it is extremely difficult to find that great job or any kind of job in this tough economy. So, now Trina wants her money back [article link] from the college because she is unable to find work. The college didn't do enough to help her get a job. So, she is suing to get her money back. Student loans are mounting up and she is facing a financial crisis.

I sympathize with Trina Thompson in the respect she is unable to find a job after getting her degree. It is tough. However, what makes her different from the thousands of other college grads, who like her, are unable to find work? Maybe their living arrangements are different. But, there are many who are in her predicament. I've never heard of a college grad suing a college because they can't find work. You are not guaranteed a job once you graduate. Surely, Trina understood this once she started school. The mere fact she is able to even file this lawsuit points up to another pet peeve of mine; tort reform. I know those two words send trial lawyers into a frenzy. But, I realized we needed tort reform when a woman was able to successfully sue McDonalds for spilling hot coffee on herself a few years back. She won almost three million dollars in that suit. I put Trina's lawsuit in the same category. Nothing in life is guaranteed, including getting a job once you graduate from college. I've been there and done that. I personally don't see where she has a leg to stand on in this lawsuit. But, I thought that McDonalds lawsuit was frivolous also. And one woman is a multi-millionaire as a result of spilling hot coffee on herself. Only in America.

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Amen, Brother. It's that sense of entitlement that all these brats of this generation think are owed to them. I hope that university tells her to f**k herself - and - then the judge throws out the suit and makes her pay her own attorney fees. Idiot kids.

David, good post. It's not the school's fault because she can't get a job! Wow, some people are just pretty incompetent...

Bobo, people never cease to amaze me. This kid has a lot of growing up to do. I would think her mother would have advised her against this. She can kiss her chances of ever getting a good job goodbye.

Marc, where does this end? If she were to win this suit (she won't), then everybody who graduates from college could sue that college eventually. Why limit it to college? Just include high school as well. Incredible.

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