Cash for Clunkers Program

As many of you are aware, the Cash for Clunkers program was nearly suspended last weekend because it had basically given out of money. It was so popular until from the time it started (July 20th, last Monday) to Thursday of last week, the fund was empty. That was amazing. In fact, I was actually considering trading in my old '95 Nissan pickup. There is nothing wrong with the old pickup outside of a few dents and the hood won't latch any longer. I just tie it down with a bungee cord now. The idea of potentially getting up to $7K for this old truck caught my attention since Chrysler was matching the government's rebate money.

As I said, I was really interested. But, then I started thinking what a hypocrite I would be. I have long blasted the government on spending taxpayer money on frivolous waste. This money, this $3500-4500 was not my money. It was going to come from someone. It was coming from the American taxpayer who pay for such wasteful spending ideas that originate in Congress and the Oval Office. I admit, I was really enthralled with the idea. It's easy to be taken in by this "free money" that the Obama Administration is doling out now. The bottom line, however, this "free money" is going to have to be paid back someday. I thought about that a lot over the weekend as I passed by dealerships that were bustling with customers. I decided I would not take part in this wasteful spending, as enticing as it was to me. So, I just tightened the bungee cord on the hood, washed the exterior and cleaned up the interior of the old truck. I'll just keep it. Some will say I'm crazy. I've been called worse. But, I'm not sure I could respect myself if I took part in this government boondoggle called Cash for Clunkers.

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The CARS program:
1) helps people who drive gas burners and may not have the money for a downpayment;

2) helps car dealers sell cars, which, in turn keeps autoworkers in jobs; and

3) takes polluting, dangerous junkers off the road.

The money will be spent. If you do not use it, someone else will.

1. Yes, use that taxpayer money to help someone get a new car. That makes sense in a perfect Obama World.

2. Yes, use that taxpayer money to extend the life of a dinasaur that is dead but doesn't realize it.

3. You could use that same argument with any combustible engine on the planet right now. Most of the cars only get 5-7 MPG more.

4. Exactly. Someone ELSE will use it. I simply will not be a part of stealing money from taxpaying citizens.

Question; do you seriously believe this money will EVER be paid back? Don't give me the usual "progressive" mumbo jumbo about less carbon in the air. Will this money EVER be repaid?

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