Big Brother in USA?

In Nazi Germany, neighbor turned in neighbor to Hitler's brown shirts if they felt they were subversive to the cause of Adolf Hitler. Brown shirts would come in the middle of the night, take away people who were never seen again. Fascism was the root of all evil in Germany.

Obama's director of new media, Macon Phillips, has asked the public [article link] to report any and all questionable claims made about President Obama's healthcare plan. He further stated, ""There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. ..."Since we can?t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we're asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy..." And he goes on to give an email address to report any adverse reaction to our Dear Leader's socialized medicine.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas stated he has never seen at any time a sitting U.S. President asking citizens to turn in other citizens over their 1st Amendment right of free speech. As Senator Cornyn correctly pointed out, what would have been the reaction of the "progressives" among us if President Bush had advocated citizens turning in citizens over his policies. There would have been screaming from the rooftops of Capitol Hill that Bush was turning Amerika into a fascist state. And rightly so, I might add. Now, I'm going to sit back...and wait for the "progressives" (I use that since they really have disdain for that liberal label now) to scream that the opponents of healthcare have to be heard since their 1st Amendment right is as important as those who advocate the President's government run healthcare plan.

Thus far, there has been total silence about this from those on the left. Could it be that the "progressives" only believe in free speech as long as it is in agreement with their beliefs? That has been said many times of those on the left. You may say, "But, this is just one issue. You are going to the extreme here." Perhaps. But, consider when the Republicans wanted to say "government run healthcare" in their franking mail, they were stopped by...you guessed it, those "progressive" Democrats.

Somewhere, Martin Niemöller is rolling in his grave.

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Who is rolling over laughing is the rest of the world.

your paranoia over health care is legendary worldwide and you are so ridiculous sounding to the informed.
It is simply dumbfounding to sane people why you are so scared of allowing universal health care.

Is is because there will not be enough money for the military?
Seriously-that is the only thing I could imagine being more important-the nations safety-but since you seem to be able to whip anyone in the world without sweat-why not also act with compassion towards the less fortunate at home?

This whole right wing scare is funded by lobbyist for the drug companies and millionaire doctors who fear loss of income,and has no basis in reality.

All those things you fear will never come to pass-and using references to Hitler to promote your ridiculous accusation is so low as to be funny

Sign me baffled in Canada-the home of Health care-and despite what your news reports might tell you-we have the best in the world .

Could we improve?
Of course-and we will-when will you?

Doug, I scarcely know where to begin to rebutt your lunacy in this comment. I'll start by saying the people who are laughing at us are not the ones who come to the USA for life saving health care. They sure as hell bypass that "great" universal health care in Canada that people use as an example of all that is wrong with government run healthcare. They don't send those children from Central America, with deformities, to Canada. They come straight to the USA. Must be a reason for that, right Doug?

However, if you enjoy waiting a month to see a doctor, or have a committee decide if you should have life saving surgery, I suppose you are right. Universal health care is better. But, perhaps, just PERHAPS, you can explain why so many Canadians come to the USA for healthcare and so few (if any) Americans go to Canada for healthcare.

Of course, it's that "vast right wing conspiracy" that is the root of all evil in this debate. Funny thing, no one can ever name any names.

Apparently the Hitler reference flew right over your head (which is not surprising). If you had been paying attention, you would know I was comparing the idea of turning in neighbor about neighbor stunk of the brown shirt tactics of Nazi Germany. This is what the Obama Administration is doing now to private citizens. Do they do this in Canada now? Is that acceptable to you?

I do believe you are NOT typical of Canadians. In fact, I know you are not. Most reports are of Canadians coming to this country for healthcare to save their lives because they can't wait the months to see a specialist. Can we improve? of course we can. But, at least, in America, we are waking up before it's too late. We see we are headed toward socialized medicine. It's unfortunate that Canadians didn't wake up in time. Remember this comment of yours when or if you have to get cancer treatment or some other deadly disease. You will be moving at warp factor 8 to New York for treatment.

Thanks for coming by. I can't say when I have seen comment here that was so completely filled with someone who must live in an alternate universe.

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