AZ Rep Threatens Birther Lawsuit

Just when you think this birther nonsense had died down, Arizona Rep. Trent Franks hints of legal action [article link] over President Obama's birth certificate. At issue, of course, is the conspiracy group who believes President Obama is not really an American citizen. Rep. Franks said "...there was not enough evidence that Obama is not an American citizen." But, at the same time, Rep. Franks said there was conflicting evidence of President Obama's citizenship. Thus far, most, if not all, similar lawsuits have been thrown out of court. This is the first time a U.S. Representative has threatened legal action.

You know, if these people would have brought this out as soon as Obama won the Democratic nomination, last summer, I might be in their corner. Obama wants to proclaim a transparent government. Fine. Produce the original birth certificate and shut these people up, once and for all! However, the time to fight this fight has come and gone. We have too many other battles to worry about with this threat of socialized medicine being the #1 fight right now. Sadly, this borders on the same level with those nuts who claim the 911 terror attacks, on the WTC, were an inside government job. On the left and right, there are fringe elements that I'm sure Democrats and Republicans wish would just go away.


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