Another Little Orphan

I posted this past March about a little black puppy [post link] that showed up at my back door. He was cold, wet and appeared very hungry. So, I got an old towel, dried him off and gave him some of Ralph's (my beagle) dog food. He was famished and ate it all. Of course, Ralph was not happy with the mixed breed (with a heavy dose of Lab mixed in) puppy being in his house! I didn't know what to do with the puppy. I knew I wasn't going to set him out to a cold, wet world that day. So, what to do? He eventually was given to a relative that had just lost a Lab due to old age. I'm happy to report "Andy" is doing well and has settled in with my cousin and her children.

We are getting our daily dose of afternoon thunderstorms in my area. It is an every day occurrence. About 2PM, like clockwork, the clouds roll in and we get rain for 30-60 minutes each day. Yesterday, the storm was even worse than normal. Our power went out about 2:30. So, me and Ralph just sat there and looked at each other in the living room. It is a game we have called the "stare game." Whoever looks away first loses. Whenever Ralph looks away first, he gets mad and barks about it. Just as we started our game, we heard whining from the back door. I thought, "Oh, this can't be what I think it is." Sure enough, I had another little stray dog at my back door. He was shaking, wet and scared. I just couldn't believe it. Of all the houses in the neighborhood, why me? So, I brought him in, dried him up as much as possible just like I did Andy about five months ago. Once again, Ralph was not pleased and I had to put him up in an adjacent room away from this little dog. It appeared to be a Scottish Terrier. So, once I fed him, put him on a soft cushion to sleep, I started calling around in the neighborhood to see if anyone was missing their dog.

I had no luck. After the rain stopped, I checked around to see if anyone was missing a Scottish Terrier. No one knew anyone with a dog like that. So, I'm once again in a dilemma as to what to do with a little dog that came to my house. I've got to believe he belongs to somebody. I'll put out an advertisement in the local newspaper to see if that works. But, for some reason, I am not optimistic. It appears Ralph may, once again, have him a brother if I can't get someone to adopt him. I will not take him to a shelter.

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