This is the Reason...

...people are having a tough time buying into global warming aka climate change; Barbara Boxer's scare tactics. Saturday [article link], the same senator who insisted an Army General refer to her as "Senator," stated "...there will be dire results: droughts, floods, fires, loss of species, damage to agriculture, worsening air pollution and more" if the deity known as the Climate control bill isn't passed. Mrs. Boxer was, of course, referring to the "cure-all" of Global Warming. Now, the Global Warming (you guys started with that, I'll finish with it) alarmists are making all kinds of predictions if this bill is passed by the Senate. Mrs. Boxer and her screaming banshees are saying "...clean-energy jobs, reduced reliance on foreign oil and less pollution for the nation's children." I find it remarkable a Democrat is concerned about this nation's children today. This is the same political party that screamed we needed a trillion dollar stimulus package or the USA would fall off the face of the earth. We have mortgaged their future and the future of THEIR children as well, Mrs. Boxer. Now, to show even more concern for "our children," they want to pass 1-2 trillion dollar package for a government run health insurance program. Forget the children children comment. The Democrats are going to mortgage the children's children's children future with this monstrosity. Question; has there ever been a government run program that was efficient? Amtrak? Try again.

Personally, I hope Barbara Boxer and her lemmings continue these alarmist tactics. It only serves to awaken the American people to the outright lies of aging 60s hippies and tree huggers such as Barbara Boxer. This post is not intended to debate the topic of Global Warming. Instead it is meant to bring attention to the alarmist tactics by people such as AlGore (and how much has that bank account increased since you started this whole thing, ex-senator AlGore?) and Barabara "Call me Senator" Boxer engage in to try and get their point across. I discovered something a long time ago that I use as a rule of thumb to develop my position on any issue. If the left-wingers of the Democratic party, the Hollywood elite, and the ultra wealthy (such as George Soros) are all linked together on one issue, something is wrong.


People who don't believe in global warming are ignorant. I suggest you all do some reading and get up to speed on your remedial science. Global warming is agreed upon by all climate scientists (now weatherman -- climate scientists). Sen. Boxer knows this because she has studied the subject, and it's not that hard. Try the Union of Concerned Scientists website, or the National Academy of Scientists, or about 1,000 other websites. If it's not stopped, yes, it will lead to sea level rise. The droughts are already starting, read up on Australia's problems lately. The SW U.S. and wildfires -- now all year round, thanks to drought. Read about it, that's all you need to do. It has nothing to do with politics, it's science.


People who believe people are the primary cause of global warming are ignorant. Global warming has occurred throughout world history. You cite climate scientists who agree that there is global warming. Yet, the many, many climatologists who think it is nothing more than voodoo science are ignored and chastised. That is what is called free and open debate on this issue.

Pelosi is grandstanding, just as she did with the Army General I quoted. You people refuse to even consider that AlGore and his minion could be wrong. You read and believe what you want to believe. THINK for yourself. You cite me scientists who believe in global warming, I will cite scientists who think you people are off your rocker...completely. And, I disagree, this whole global warming debate is about POWER...and who will wield it. Ask AlGore about his financial status since he started this entire debate.

Thanks for coming by.

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