"This is a Black World"

In Akron, Ohio, a family was attacked by black teenagers [article link] after a day of celebrating July 4th. The family, the Marshalls who are white, were standing outside in the yard of a friend when dozens of black teens attacked them. The teens were saying "This is our world...this is a black world." Mr. Marshall's friend was attacked by the teens and Mr. Marshall went to his defense. Then all the black teens attacked. Mr. Marshalls 15 year old daughter, Rachel, was knocked down by the teens and held down. Mr. Marshall was the one most seriously hurt. He spent 5 nights in the critical care unit of a local hospital. Mr. Marshall now fears for his family's safety and financial status. He is a laid off construction worker with no health insurance. Akron police are not yet prepared to call this a "hate crime" since "no other reports of victims assaulted by the group that night."

I'm sitting here typing up this post...and wondering if the police in Akron are living in another universe. The teens trespassed, yelling "This is a black world," and attack the Marshall family for no other reason than that they are white. What exactly constitutes a "hate crime" against a white family in Akron? I think we all know what would have happened if this were a group of white teens yelling "This is a white world" and attacked a black family. Would it have been labeled a "hate crime?" Of course it would. And the FBI would mostly likely be in Akron investigating. And you can bet Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be there the very next day blasting the Akron police for not apprehending and placing under arrest the guilty white teens. Racism is racism. All forms of racism, black on white or white on black, should be immediately condemned. But, there is nothing but silence from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton over this. Oh, once arrests are made in the case, I can assure you, you'll hear from both these shysters.


This is another case of hypocrisy in our world. It's okay for some black kids to do this and actually use the term "it's a black world" but as you said, if some white kids did it, everyone would be up in arms. It's ridiculous.


I'm still waiting on the two con artists aka Al Sharpton and his competitor, Jesse Jackson, to express outrage of this racist attack. Waiting and waiting........

This is a great story of racial bias. No doubt that the number of these will increase


I hope we don't have many more racially motivated attacks like the one in Akron. I'm hoping this proves to be an isolated case. But, it could very well be just the beginning as you indicated. Thanks for coming by.

That this was a hate crime.


That the police in Akron have their heads up there azz.

No doubt.

But to be bitching about Sharpton and Jackson lessens your credibility, just as their silence on this matter does them.

If racism is racism as you say, where's the outrage from you about the kids in Philly?

Did someone mention hypocrisy?

Just saying.


To begin with, I don't know what the hell you are talking about with the "kids from philly." I am going to assume the reverse happened there. If so, then that gets equal condemnation from me. But, forgive me if I didn't know anything about it. What a great day it will be when we don't have to discuss such trash.

I will denigrate Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as race baiters, shakedown artists, and lowlife scum all I want. If that lessens my credibility in your eyes, I don't care and it doesn't matter to me. They both have a long history of taking advantage of racial conflict. If you can't understand that, then take a long look in the mirror before you start throwing around the hypocrisy label and lack of credibility accusations.

Just saying, of course.

Thanks for coming by.

I'm so surprised this story has not been widely reported!


I'm not sure why this has not gotten more press than it has. Maybe because no one was killed. Thank God that did not happen, of course. Once some arrests are made, I tend to believe there will be more publicity. But, only because the two con men, JJ and AS will then get involved. Thanks for coming by.

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