Sarah Palin

It was with shock and a bit of dismay I learned that Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska would resign [article link] effective July 26th. It was stunning to many conservatives and to the left-wing hate groups as well. She has been inundated with accusations almost from the time she was announced as John McCain's running mate last year. Governor Palin has been hit with ethical charges, accusations about her personal life and her family as well.

I do think for whatever reason Governor Palin decided to step down, she has effectively ended her political career. Resigning from office after just 2 1/2 years when the heat got to be too much for her? She doesn't know what heat is if she were somehow able to defeat The Anointed One in 2012. Maybe she decided it just wasn't worth the headache and heartache of her family being brought into the political arena. If that is the reason, I don't blame her. Politics is not for the faint of heart. But, if she has quit now to focus on running for the Presidential Nomination, of the Republican Party, then it was a crucial mistake on her part. Her opponents would use this against her time and time again. They would say she can't take the pressure of the Oval Office. And, really, how could you argue otherwise? I can't say I would have supported her even if she had waited another year. Outside of a very good speech, what would be her qualifications? Yes, I know the very same critique was made of The Anointed One. But, we all know there is a double standard in regards to the Democrats by the news media. President Obama has proven it's "Amateur Hour" at the White House. After he bankrupts America, someone with foresight and experience is going to have to take over as President to enable us to recover. I don't think Sarah Palin is that person.

I do believe that Governor Palin was viewed as a threat by left-wing zealots and in the Democratic Party. It was a virtual non-stop barrage of lies and innuendo against this woman. And, speaking of women, where was NOW in this entire foray? They are a bunch of hypocritical liberals (to put it kindly). Their political agenda was laid clear by Sarah Palin. If nothing else, Governor Palin proved what the "National Organization for Women" was truly all about.


For a party that preaches tolerance and the advancement of women and minorities the Democrats sure showed that it is not true!

Harrison, the Democrats never cease to amaze me with their hypocrisy. What you say is exactly what the Democrats pride themselves about. Yet, let a woman go outside their party line or, God forbid, a black man (such as Clarence Thomas) go outside the party line set forth by the Democrats, then they are hounded into submission just as Palin and Thomas have endured. Thanks for the comment.

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