One Post on Lowlifes, Another on a Moron

In Whittier, CA, [article link] thieves are targeting mourners at cemeteries as they are burying loved ones. Purses, laptops (not sure why someone would take a laptop to a cemetery)in unlocked cars. I know people are thinking they shouldn't have unlocked cars. But, how many people actually think to lock their cars when they are at funeral services in the cemetery? I guess it is a sign of the times. There are some really lowlife people in this world.

I wouldn't say Whoopi Goldberg is a lowlife. But, I think she most certainly qualifies in the the Moron (yes, with a capital M) status category. Whoopi said [article link] on "The View" she had misgivings as to whether or not men actually landed on the moon as we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing yesterday. Whoopi wanted to know why the flag was rippling "if there was no wind." Also, she wanted to know who took the picture. Whoopi, it's called a "tripod" for the camera. If you had an ounce of brains you would know that or, at least, entertain the idea. The rippling flag was due to vibration once the flag was planted. How can anyone on earth question if the moon landing actually happened??? And they pay Whoopi for her opinion??? Only in America.

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"How can anyone on earth question if the moon landing actually happened???"

You have a hard time buying that, do you?

Check this out, David



People that believe there was never a moon landing think the earth is flat also. They thrive on conspiracy theories. I don't blame Buzz for socking the guy. If someone gets up in your face, they have to accept the consequences for doing so.

I did like this one comment below this video...."One small punch for a man, one giant punch for mankind" ;-)

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