Nature Wednesday

For the past few weeks, I have shown the kinder, gentler side of nature with beautiful lakes, mountains, waterfalls and so forth. Now, I will concentrate on the "fury of nature," at least for this week.

I've seen three tornadoes in my lifetime. But, never seen lightning around any tornado. I have certainly never seen a more fascinating pic than the one below with the tornado and lightning bolt. Notice what appears to be a radio tower to the far right. That is most likely a 110 foot tower. Gives some perspective into size. The forest fire with the deer in the shallow steam is fascinating to me. I first saw this about five years ago. I was told this was a fire in Montana. At first glance, one wonders why the deer are not fleeing for their lives. I thought they might be surrounded. But, if that were the case, then the person taking the pic was surrounded also. I doubt he would take time to make this pic if his or her life were in danger. Instead, I think these deer were in shock. Being in that shallow stream gave them only a momentary reprieve. I doubt they survived this ordeal. These are some awesome pics.

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