Nature Wednesday

Just some pics of nature that I think go well in this week's "Nature Wednesday" entry. I hope you enjoy them. I really like the pic of the lightning bolt for some reason.


hi dave. hope all is well. sorry to see you deleted your chat box. been seeing your blog every where lately.

Hello David,

Well said. And I agree. If the situation was reversed, it's quite likely the situation would be plastered all over the news. It's unfortunate the Marshall's story was not.

It's important for all of us to know that racism exists, regardless of ethnicity. It's equally important that ALL of us decry situations like the Marshall's or the kids in Philly (I paraphrase for brevity, but essentially a similar situation to the Marshall's), although I think you are on point in regard to Jesse Jackson and the "rainbow coalition". He should be in front when it comes to these situations, regardless of the ethnic background of those involved.

Btw, I think I know why you like that pic of the lightning bolt. To put it plainly, that's an awesome photo!

Hope this finds you well, David


Fantastic pictures. I love the lightning bolt picture. I love the fall picture too as that is my favorite time of year.


I wish you would have told me where you been seeing my blog! :) I had to delete that chat box, unfortunately. It was getting spam and hate filled diatribes by the Internets finest morons. I miss the interaction with others. But, it is the few that destroys something good for the majority. Thanks for coming by.


About the only thing I will add is that you and I are in complete agreement now. :) I realize that you and I will most likely lock horns in the future and I understand that. No two people are exactly alike. There will be disagreements. And I don't mind people disagreeing with me as long as they aren't disagreeable. And, yes, I need to follow my own advice. Hey, I do hope you come back again and tell me how wrong I am! Tomorrow's blog entry might be another!

Stacie, I almost didn't put in the lightning bolt...but decided at the last moment. Beautiful, isn't it? Finally...getting some comments on my "Nature Wednesday." :) Thanks for coming by.

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