Michael Jackson Death

No, I'm not going to report the obvious; Michael Jackson's death of last week. I don't have to. It seems this is all you can see and hear on TV and radio these days. Granted, he was the king of pop music. Michael Jackson was an immensely talented individual. But, he was also a troubled individual. There is no escaping the fact he spent an inordinate amount of time with young boys at his Neverland Ranch. Most are saying he was falsely accused of being a pedophile by gold digging parents who consented to allow their children to stay with him. I fully understand there are people like that who will take advantage of a mega-star like MJ. That may well be the case. But, the one thing that gives me pause is the kiddie porn found at his home during the last investigation. Of course, his supporters say it was planted there by overzealous police who wanted him in the same way LAPD planted evidence against OJ Simpson. Whatever.

But, in my opinion, the whole thing has been blown out of proportion over his death. He has had two autopsies and now ABC News reports [article link] Federal Drug Agents [DEA] have been asked to further investigate his death. It's ridiculous. Michael Jackson died of heart failure. It was due to a combination of heart disease, powerful prescription drugs and neglect of his health that caused his death. It just seems there is a witch hunt going on. It seems people want a scapegoat to pin his death upon. The most likely villain to pin that role on is his doctor, who valiantly tried to save his life with CPR. Now, this doctor has gone into hiding due to death threats. There are some people in this world who are in a serious need of a life. Seriously.

There is indecision right now as to where Michael Jackson is to be buried. It could be a memorial service as soon as today. I just hope he has found the peace and serenity he was never able to find in life.


michael jackson is a wonderful singer and we all will miss him.


I will miss his talent. That is all I can say. Thanks for your comment.

I am just thinking... where is his soul now lies?... I am pretty sure... its troubled too. sorry for my comment. I am convinced that he really is a talented and undeniably one of a kind. but i am not that impressed. thanks for your post and God bless.


I have no idea where MJ's soul is right now. The way I see it, that is between him and God. Thanks for a thought provoking question.

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