Let Them Eat Dust!!!

House Democrats currently plan to tax the wealthy [article link] to pay for the 1-2 trillion dollar government run health care package. The good news? If you make under a million bucks a year...no taxes! The millionaires club of the USA will fund the 30 to 50 million (depending on how charitable the Democrats are when they make these estimates) "Americans" without health insurance. More good news for the millionaires club...the 5.4% surtax will be stolen...eh, taken from their AGI. This means those nasty old millionaires will have to fork over a portion of their Capital gains and dividends. How dare these people try to become successful in the USSA? How dare they try to make a good living for themselves? The audacity of such people! The object now is make all the money you want...but be prepared to "spread the wealth" when Uncle Sam comes knocking.

But, leave it to good old Charlie Rangel to ease the pain of the USA millionaires by saying, "...causes the least amount of pain on the least amount of people.” I bet that makes those capitalist pigs feel better about being eased out of some of their fortune, right? And, Big Brother is taking matters a bit further; if you don't obtain health insurance, you will lose 2.5% of your income for not doing so. All this is to bring health care under control, you understand. It has nothing to do with government wanting to control health care (GM, banks, etc.) and intruding upon your life. No, this is all for YOUR benefit because you are too damn stupid to do it on your own. So, dear old Uncle Sam is going to take care of you...whether you like it or not.

Sarcasm aside (well...as much as I can), this is a disaster waiting to happen. If you like the Canadian style of health care, you'll enjoy this. As they do in Canada, a committee will decide what amount of health care you are entitled. If you need that heart operation and, let's say you are 60+...hey, you had a good life, right? The point of this all sarcastic interlude is this; the government is incapable of running itself. How the hell will they be able to run a trillion(s) dollar operation like health care for 97% of Americans? Has the federal government ever run anything efficiently? Ask yourself those questions when the Democrats continue us on this health care slippy slope. And, please, spare me the "We can't continue with what he have now blah, blah, blah." I've seen enough of this blather. What do I propose? I propose we keep the government out of our lives. That is what I propose we do about health care. There's got to be a better way than what the Democrats are trying to shove down our throats; socialized medicine.


It's trickier than that.

Going back centuries, it has always been one of the defining characteristics of being human to care for the less fortunate.

It's what makes us a society, going back eons.

In centuries gone by, this could be catered for through the universal payment of tithes for use in feeding and treating less fortunate members of society.

So I find myself split, my humanity demands that I should see no wrong in pooling resources of a society to help members of that society.

Yet, at the same time, I also view it as an infringement of my liberty to FORCE me to pay this charity and calling it tax.

Just a thought: How is doing this with Healthcare different to taxing the public in order to provide such things as public transport systems and other communal facilities?

I'm not indifferent to those without health care, as strange as that may seem, Denford. But, saying people are entitled to health care is almost similar to saying people are entitled to a nice home, the white picket fence and a high paying job. That is nonsense.

The difference in funding public transportation and communal facilities? This nation's health care is the best in the world, bar none. The quality is second to none. It is a multi-trillion dollar enterprise enveloping research and development to conquer cancer and other deadly diseases. The federal government has never, NEVER proven itself to efficiently run any enterprise. How about Amtrak? How about the U.S. Postal Service? Social Security? Can you say any of those three are efficient or self-sufficient? No.

There comes a time when you have to stand up and say NO to pouring more tax dollars down a black hole. Spending more tax dollars is not the answer. The Democrats have never figured that out. The Democrats want to have an overbearing, powerful federal government that is involved in every facet of your life. It is the beginning of a nanny state. Socialized medicine will just grease the wheels for a total socialized society.

I am not smart enough to come up with the answer for our out of control health care system. I agree with the Democrats something needs to be done. But, not this health care system and certainly not at this time of a staggeringly weak economy.

Thanks for coming by.


I'm working harder, making less, having to make difficult choices and all you can say I'm shit out of luck and "eat dust"

You can do better than that, David

Mike, I'm not sure if it's the way I word things or it's you having a knack at misinterpreting things. Whatever it is, it seems my advice to not making snap assumptions is not taking hold with you.

The "Let Them Eat Dust" comment was a takeoff of "Let them eat cake" in reference to the impending tax load about to be burdened on those making one-million plus. I thought I made that apparent. That is what the Democrats are wanting to do with the people who actually invest in this country and hire people, the small businesses.

It is not incumbent upon the tax payers of this nation to provide you or me or anyone else with health care, Mike. That may offend you. But, don't worry, that may soon change.. As we speed toward a socialist society, you'll soon be provided with everything you need thanks to Uncle Sam. Of course, kiss your civil liberties goodbye in any socialist society. The first thing to go is liberty in Socialism. I hope everyone will be happy in this Big Brother world we are about to see.

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