Hillary Still Has Not Given Up Hope!

For a person who has no desire to run for elective office anytime soon, Hillary Clinton sure has the makings of of someone who seems to smell blood in the water. According to this report in the NY Daily News [article link], Hillary has an eight person political team working for her. They are characterized by a Hillary spokesman as "caretakers" for her failed campaign for President. Something else that surprised me; she is about 1-3 million dollars in the black. Her campaign was swimming in red ink at the end of the campaign. Not sure how that happened. Maybe she had a hellacious contribution period from late last year to the present. But, she still has a campaign team on standby, apparently. That is quite telling.

Hillary states "That's not anything that is at all on my radar screen," when asked about her political ambitions. But, she is a notorious liar. Who can forget her outright lie during the campaign when she said her entourage landed in Bosnia under sniper fire? Personally, and this is strictly just opinion, I think Hillary is laying in wait for President Obama's ratings to continue to drop. Right now, he is at -11% insofar as approval/disapproval ratings. That is a far cry from the approval standing he had in January. If Obama's health care initiative is defeated, the President will be severely weakened. If Cap and Trade is beaten in the Senate (which seems a real possibility right now), it would be politically devastating for Obama. One of those losses would be a serious political blow. Both would virtually strip President Obama of any political clout less than a year into his Presidency. This would be a dream come true for Hillary. I think she would then resign from office as Secretary of State (where she is marginalized by Obama) and run against President Obama in the Democratic Primaries again 2012. She is power crazy. To Hillary Clinton, it's all about power. She learned a lot from her likewise egomaniacal husband. If you think she has given up hope to become the first female President of the USA, you would be wrong.

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