Democratic Party: Too Liberal?

The latest Gallup Poll [article link] finds that Americans are increasingly seeing the Democratic Party as being too liberal. The poll finds that a significant increase from 39% to 46% see the Democrats getting the liberal tag. This is the largest increase since the Democrats mid-term losses back in 1994. I believe that is what sparked the Republican's "Contract With America" and led to the GOP controlling both the House and Senate.

With a President as the former most liberal U.S. Senator, what did Americans think the Democratic Party was going to do? Take a middle of the road approach to issues dear to the liberal heart such as healthcare and "climate change?" Of course not. They were going to swing dramatically to the left. Many people who voted for Obama are amazed at the brisk pace he is trying to get legislation passed on such things as healthcare, climate change, goverment takeover of banks, the automobile industry and stimulus spending to invoke change in an "economic recovery." And how's that whole economic recovery thing going, President Obama? We were told 8% unemployment would be the limit with this stimulus package. Now, we hear it could surpass 10%.

It appears Obama and the Democrats are in trouble if this poll is taken literally. Sure, more Americans still view the Democrats more favorably than they do the dysfunctional Republican Party right now. But, that appears to changing with more and more spending by the Democratic majority. They just can't help themselves, it seems. Democrats never met a tax dollar they didn't like. Spending is in the liberal DNA. The "blame Bush" excuse is wearing thin also. People want results and they aren't getting them. I have to believe the sudden surge in belief the Democratic Party is too liberal is a direct result in the Obama Administration's attack on the paycheck of every American citizen. Remember the promise of not taxing anyone making under $250K? Just wait...that promise is about to be broken in much the same manner as another failed U.S. President who said "Read my lips. No new taxes." President Obama...take note.


Good one..tweeted and stumbled! Keep up the great work. We need more people to wake up and speak out.

BoBo, thanks very much! Come back sometime. And, yes, I do believe people are waking up to the lies of The Anointed One.

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