A Child's Love

I watched some of the Michael Jackson memorial service Tuesday. It was both heartfelt and a bit over the top at the same time. I felt it was inappropriate for a shyster like Al Sharpton to be there. It was a bit odd to listen to former NBA superstar Magic Johnson repeat several times Michael Jackson's love for KFC chicken. We got it the first 4 times, Magic. Please. This was a memorial service. It was good to see singer Smokey Robinson come and give his remembrances of the late superstar.

The family coming to the podium was hard to watch. I was stunned to see the children of Michael Jackson there. He had always shielded them from the bright glare of publicity. I could not help but think if he could have spoken, Michael Jackson would have said NO to that event. But, there they were, looking puzzled and a bit stunned. The most poignant moment of the entire service was his daughter Paris saying, "I just want to say, ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. I just want to say I love him so much."
Eleven year old Paris then collapsed into the arms of her Aunt Janet. If that did not tug at your heart, you have no heart and you have no soul.

Despite my many misgivings about Michael Jackson, the accusations, the odd behavior he exhibited at times (including hanging an infant off a ledge), he obviously was a good father to his children or at least as good as he was capable. Paris loved her father. I'm sure her father loved her very much as well. So, if nothing else, I will try to remember Michael Jackson for being a good father to his children. I hope his tortured soul is at rest.


i was saddened hearing Paris last words to his father..I can't imagine my own kid growing up without a mother or a father...hard for kids to cope up but with the help of God they can recover..

jessel, that was a very heartbreaking moment. Despite what people may have thought of Michael Jackson personally, he had children that loved him very much. That is worth something, I think. Thanks for the comment.

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