Republican's Worst Enemy

It seems the Republicans just can't get out of their own way. They got blasted and knocked out of majority status in both the House and Senate just a couple of years ago. Last year the Democrats padded to that majority status by adding even more seats to the Senate and House. And, oh yes, they elected most likely the most liberal Democratic President in the history of this nation. So, you think the Republicans would lick their wounds, and plot to gain some seats back. You would think they would be trying to set themselves up for a legitimate shot at the White House in 2012. You would think all of that. But, that is not the case.

It seems Republicans are too busy having extramarital affairs these days. Just last week Sen. John Ensign, of Nevada, had an affair [article link] with a member of his campaign staff. He was a potential Republican candidate for President in 2012. And, yesterday, it was finally revealed why South Carolina Governor Sanford [article link] why he had gone missing over the Father's Day weekend; he was in Agentina and, you guessed it, to be with his mistress. I wonder if the governor gets frequent flyer miles for this? It just seems the Republicans will put one foot forward and take two steps back. The Republicans have had problems keeping their illicit affairs under control for quite some time now. Which is but one reason the Democrats have been handing their heads to them in elections nationwide. Of course, the Democrats aren't exactly models of virtue themselves. But, they seem to have a knack, at least of late, of keeping it private. It helps to have a friendly press on your side as well.

The Democrats are definitely not the worst enemy of the Republicans. The Republicans have to only look in the mirror to see their worst enemy. What a joke!


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