One Step Forward, One Step Backward

I had planned on doing a post on a friend who is a salesman at a local Pontiac dealership. I had planned on talking about his trials and tribulations since the announcement was made that Pontiac was being discontinued by Government Mo.....eh, I mean General Motors. But, instead I decided to make a short post on my continuing health problems.

For the past two weeks, I have had tremendous problems with my blood pressure. At one point, about two weeks ago, it climbed to 207/114. That is dangerous territory for your BP. It took a while, but my GP finally got a grasp on bringing it down to normal limits. Well, at least it is in the 135/88 range average anyway. I have never had problems like that before with my BP.

Since Sunday, I have felt like Mike Tyson punched me in the stomach. I mean, my stomach feels like that sore. I don't think it is your typical stomach virus because I have not endured the usual (without mentioning them). I really don't want to go back to my doctor. It's an ordeal waiting in that waiting room. But, I may not have any choice. I'm just sick of being sick, I guess. It may have been something I ate Sunday. But, there again, I'm not sure. I hope I recuperate soon. This is getting old. If you feel so inclined, I wouldn't mind a prayer or two. Thanks. Now, back to bed.


Take care! Make sure you find out what's causing your high blood pressure, and your other problems. Might be a tummy bug, among other things.
Back to bed, now.

Jan, thanks for your concern. I do feel a bit better. As it turns out, I may have acid reflux. I never even heard of it before. Thanks again.

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