An Ironic and Tragic Story

A woman who showed up too late for the doomed Air France Flight 447 was tragically killed [article link] in a car accident in Austria. Johanna Ganthaler and husband caught a later flight to Austria, according to news reports. It was only after landing they discovered their near encounter with death aboard Flight 447. Mr. Ganthaler was seriously injured in the accident. Apparently, Mrs. Ganthaler was killed upon impact in the head-on collision with a truck when they swerved into the opposite lane.

This is a very sad story. It's tragic in that this woman must have felt God had spared her. And, yet, maybe it was her time to go all along. I'm not sure what to say about something like this. It seems so tragic until it doesn't seem real. I remember a friend I had in the U.S. Navy who managed to escape death aboard the USS Forestal in July of 1967. Many fighting the fire on the main deck were killed. He was a lead damage control officer and was right in the thick of things. About two months later, he was having a beer in a bar in Saigon, South Vietnam when a bomb went off killing him and 17 others in the bar. It's hard to explain tragedies like with the lady missing the Air France flight and my friend. I'm not going to say it's God's Will either. I don't believe that. All I can surmise is these two incidents serve to remind us how limited our time is on earth. You can be here today and gone tomorrow. Escaping death can happen once or several times in your life. But, eventually, death will catch up with you when it is your time.


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