Iran Protests: The Start of Democracy?

The Iranian protests [article link] have now gone far beyond any illegalities of a rigged national election. They have now stepped up to the point the Iranian people are ignoring the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In the thirty years since the Iranian protests that started the Iranian revolution of an Islamic state, it appears a new generation wants the same freedoms and rights that so many in the west take for granted. These protests in Iran are now about human rights. The rigged election is just a sideline to what is now happening. As of this post, at least 19 are dead, including a woman referred to as "Neda" who died with her eyes open. This was caught on video. She has become a rallying cry for the protesters as if they needed one. This is now a fight for freedom of all Iranians from the brutal repression of the clerics who have run this country with an iron fist.

It is true, freedom is not free. Many protesters will be killed if they continue their demonstrations against the Iranian government. I would hope that wouldn't be the case. But, if the government feels it is losing control of the situation, you will see something similar to the Tiananmen Square slaughter in China of 1989. Will the protesters continue on toward this path to overthrow a totalitarian government? Right now, that is debatable. But, the key here is that most of the people protesting are in the under 30 age range. They have lived within a strict Islamic rule all their life. They see how people elsewhere live. They want a part of that. We can only hope and pray they reach their goal.


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