Hurricane Season 2009

As usual, I'm about a day late and a dollar short with some of my posts. But, yesterday was the first official day of Hurricane season. Living on the gulf coast or the lower eastern seaboard, you always recognize this day and give pause. You give pause because of the worry over the six months. In reality, the time to worry most is August to September. That doesn't mean hurricanes in July or October can't be deadly. Hurricane Wilma was born during October of 2005. It was the most intense storm in the Atlantic basin. So, it is a worry that people keep in the back of their mind throughout the next six months. Not much is said about it until a storm tracks toward Cuba. One of the worst feelings I have ever endured is knowing a powerful hurricane is headed our way. If you can believe it, there have been charter tours for people who actually come here to "experience" a true hurricane. W.C. Fields was right, apparently.

What concerns me (just a bit) is that the forecast is for a less powerful hurricane season this year. Why do I feel that way? Because since 2004 the hurricane forecasters have been so wrong until it has become something of a joke along the gulf coast. They have forecast severe hurricanes since 2005, only to be proven wrong to the point of disbelief. So, I don't place much faith in anything they say. The only thing I know for sure is that I will, once again, boycott The Weather Channel. If you have ever seen their "reporting" and "predictions," you would understand why.


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